Hi! Welcome to Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice!

I’m Victoria and I am a self-taught cook, which means I have burnt myself approximately a million times, washed 7 tonnes of dishes, and eaten my own weight in food that is inexplicably both burnt and raw.IMG_9545

I have always been a lover of cooking and have fond memories from the kitchen from as far back as I can remember – like being 3 years old and cracking eggs into cups for practice with my sister (a skill you can take straight to the bank).

I have a special infatuation with baking that begun during a period of unemployment. There are two things about unemployment that are conducive to becoming a good baker: 1. You have a lot of free time and 2. You want to eat cake in your pyjamas all day.

Since moving out of home I have been forced to curtail my ridiculous diet of caviar, truffles and gold and learnt to get by on a student budget. I have become a much more creative cook and have been known to survive 3 weeks on a diet consisting entirely of sausages and potato.

self-taught photo

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice chronicles all my cooking attempts in the hope of entertaining and informing you. I outline how I keep my food budget under $50 a person each week, detailing delicious, inexpensive breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. However, when the stars align and I have a few extra dollars in my pocket, baking will always have a special place in my heart, so keep an eye out for ridiculously extravagant cakes once in a while.

xx Victoria

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